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Quality Assurance Program

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Engineering Associate Services has been supporting the power industry for nearly 30 years. Founded in 1974, EAS has established its reputation by providing quality engineering and related technical services in a manner that consistently exceeds client expectations. Our Quality Assurance Program is a fully documented program which is in compliance with the baseline requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B, ANSI/ASME NQA-1, ANSI/ ASME45.2 and customer-invoked specifications.

EAS provides its clients with significant experience, knowledge and personnel for delivery and execution of cost-efficient and effective quality services. By conducting programmatic quality assessments for NQA-1, including an analysis of specific 18 point NQA-1 criteria that apply to your activities and services, we can help companies implement these programs into their operations to maximize efficiencies, and ultimately cost savings. We know our approach works because we have been successfully doing it for ourselves since 1974.

With a proven track record as a quality services, engineering and management consulting company, EAS knows how to translate this experience into success for its clients, from QA program development and implementation to bid preparation and work execution. Our hallmark : delivering the product and services in time, budget and quality requirements of the winning contract. We also provide added value through our expertise and experience in engineering design, quality and commercial-grade dedication services that complement your in-house staff, empowering companies to compete, win and execute strategic opportunities.

In particular, we have the right personnel with a depth of experience working with the companies that matter to our clients. “Hands-on” nuclear industry experience in QA and engineering QC gives EAS the competitive edge that makes companies successful in pursuing a compliant NQA-1 program, implementing procedures and winning contracts from BNI, CHG and Fluor- Hanford.

EAS also has performed NQA-1 activities for the following utilities: Energy Northwest, Boston Edison, Commonwealth Edison Company, Duke Power Company, Yankee Atomic Electric, Niagara Mohawk, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Florida Power Corp, Virginia Electric and Power, Entergy Operations, Northeastern Power, Northeast Utilities Service Co, Southern California Edison, Alabama Power, Omaha Public Power District, U.S. NRC Commision, Federal De Electricidad, Arkansas Power & Light, Louisiana Power & Light, Arizona Public Service, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, Nebraska Public Power District, Detroit Edison, New England Power System, GNP Nuclear, Consumers Power Company, among others.

Lynn Loveland, former Bechtel Corporation Quality Supplier Manager
Mr. Loveland has more than 30 years in the nuclear QA arena, with distinguished service in the U.S. Navy Submarine Services and Bechtel Power Corp., where he served in several quality positions, including Quality Supplier manager. Mr. Loveland is currently QA Manager for Engineering Associate Services.


Michael B. Plunkett, PE
58 Briarwood Dr.
Wakefield, RI 02879


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